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Drive Down Risk: 7 Employee Safety Procedures for Your Auto Repair Shop

By March 17, 2023April 6th, 2023Garage Guard®, Insurance
7 Employee Safety Procedures for Your Auto Repair Shop

Employee accidents and injuries are a common cause of claims in the auto repair industry. Proper employee safety protocols and training can help prevent these incidents.

To help you build a stronger safety culture, here are 7 employee safety procedures to consider implementing in your shop:

1- Provide Adequate Ventilation: Make sure all areas of the shop, especially where vehicles are serviced, are adequately ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

2 – Offer Personal Protective Equipment: Provide employees with all necessary PPE, such as safety glasses or goggles and cut-resistant gloves, and instruct them on how to properly use and care for it.

3 – Implement a Safety Training Program: Create an effective safety training program for all new employees, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge.

4 – Protect Against Falls: If you have work areas located below ground level, such as vehicle inspection pits, equip them with safety netting or removable guardrail systems to protect against falls.

5 – Regularly Inspect Electrical Equipment: Keep all electrical tools, cords, and equipment in good condition through regular inspections and maintenance, and replace any damaged items.

6 – Add Safety Guards to Applicable Machinery: Implement appropriate safety guards on all applicable machinery and equipment, and educate employees on how to recognize when a guard is missing and prevent its removal.

7 – Regularly Inspect Hydraulic Lifts: Regularly inspect and maintain hydraulic lifts to ensure they are working properly.

By prioritizing employee safety and implementing the above safety protocols, you not only fulfill your legal and moral obligations as an employer, but can also protect your business from financial losses, improve employee retention, and enhance your reputation.

If you have any questions regarding your risks or insurance protection, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to assisting you and ensuring that your business is adequately protected.

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