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Brian Boland on being a trusted auto repair shop insurance advisor

By October 4, 2021February 3rd, 2022Agency News, Garage Guard®
Get garage liability insurance with Garage Guard

How one insurance advisor guides customers on garage liability insurance

If you’re looking to protect your investment with auto repair shop insurance or garage liability insurance, you also want to be sure you’re working with experienced professionals who can best guide you to a garage liability policy (and more) that covers your specific needs at the appropriate levels of insurance coverage that make sense for you and your business.

Meet Brian Boland, partner and chief sales officer here at Garage Guard® by Evarts Tremaine. Since 2004, Brian has helped thousands of auto repair shop owners and auto body shop owners protect their investments with knowledgeable and trustworthy guidance.

Eric Meister, owner of Shaker Quality Auto Body Repair, and Brian Boland

Recently, Automotive Aftermarket News published a Q&A with Brian to introduce him to their readers. Here’s an excerpt from the story where Brian answers the question,

“What do you like best about your current position?” He answered:

“I think the thing I like best about it is you meet so many different business owners, all across different levels. It’s never the same. It’s really interesting to see in each demographic how each business owner runs their business, how it’s run depending on the climate, depending on the situation where they’re at and, you know, just helping them out. We now become a trusted advisor. They’ll call me and ask for advice on stuff that doesn’t necessarily relate to auto repair shop insurance because I’ve established that credibility with them. We’ve become more of a partner versus just a means to a policy. We become someone they can trust and bounce ideas off of, and we truly work together toward their goals. That part I think is really neat because I feel like I’m adding a lot of value. Being a part of their success is worth it in the long run.”

Just ask anyone who has worked with Brian over the past 17 years.

Eric Meister. owner of Shaker Quality Auto Body Repair in Shaker Heights, Ohio says, “Brian is way more than just my insurance guy. Of course, he always picks up the phone and answers my questions about how much garage keeper’s insurance I should get or how much garage liability insurance we need. The bonus is, he has become a trusted business advisor and friend.”

Brian also told Automotive Aftermarket News, in response to their question, “Did you initially intend to pursue a care in the aftermarket? What drew you to the industry and what keeps you here?”

He said, “I think what keeps me going is the same thing that draws me to it. It’s always changing. It’s not static. There are always new ways to learn and grow. The industry is evolving, and those relationships keep going. I’ve had some customers now for as long as I’ve been in the industry — 17 years. It’s always nice to say “you’ve been with me” for that long, or they hand it off to their son or someone else and perpetuate their business and you’re still a part of that. There’s always something around the corner. That is keeping me intrigued and hopeful.”

Learn more and check out our five-minute shop insurance quote process. Brian and his team are happy to answer questions and offer guidance on business and personal insurance topics ranging from auto repair shop insurance, garage keeper’s insurance, garage liability insurance and more. Reach out to Brian Boland directly at 216.325.9060 or email

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