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Does My Insurance Cover a Fallen Tree?

When high winds and storms contribute to damage on your property, the result can be a headache as a homeowner. However, there are simple coverages within your homeowner’s insurance policy that may give you peace of mind. From falling trees to power outages, here are some different coverage limits to keep in mind when the weather gets bad.

Debris Removal

Debris removal coverage is typically included up to a certain limit on a standard homeowner’s policy. This means that if a tree falls on your garage, home, or blocks access to your driveway, there will be broader coverage to remove the tree and fix the damage. However, if a tree falls in your yard, there is generally limited coverage. Most carriers will limit coverage to $500 per tree, with some maxing their total limit at $1,000. Keep in mind that your deductible would likely apply for this coverage.

A common misconception on home insurance is that if your neighbor’s tree falls on your property, they are required to take care of the damage. This is not true. Insurance companies will generally say that the homeowner is required to take care of the damage on their own property, regardless of whether it was a neighbor’s tree or a tree in your own yard.

Refrigerated Products Coverage

If you experience a power outage, there may be some coverage for food that spoils in your fridge. However, in order for coverage to apply, the power outage would generally have to be caused by a covered loss and your homeowner’s deductible, typically ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500, would also apply. This means that if a tree fell on your roof, causing damage to your power line, there may be some coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. There is also typically a limit of coverage, averaging around $500 for reimbursement allowable for food spoilage.  Additional coverage may be available for purchase for off-premises power outages and mechanical failures, but these claims could affect future homeowner’s rates.

Each insurance carrier and policy can differ. If you have any questions on these coverages or would like to know what your insurance policy provides, please contact your account manager at Evarts Tremaine.


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