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Don’t Be A Distracted Driver: Apps that Can Help


Distracted driving has drastically increased the frequency and severity of car insurance claims over the last several years. 46 states, including Ohio, have banned texting while driving, we have put together some apps that can help keep your phone down and your family safe being the wheel.

Do Not Disturb for iPhone

Apple released a new feature in iOS 11 which will mute incoming notifications, texts, and calls while driving. In order to turn it on, open up Settings, choose Control Center, & scroll to “Do Not Disturb While Driving.”

This feature can be enabled manually, when connected to your car’s bluetooth, or automatically when it detects a car’s acceleration. You will immediately get a notification that tells you that you have entered “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can even set up an auto-reply feature which will let your friends know that you will respond to them when you arrive at your location.

You can also turn off the feature when you get the notification, if you are a passenger in a car.

LifeSaver App

This app is available for download on the App Store or on Google Play.

LifeSaver is an app intended to break the habit of texting while driving. It even blocks the ability to use your phone while driving and notifies emergency contacts when the driver has safely arrived at their destination. The biggest feature of this is a “Driver Portal” dashboard which can be used by parents to guide teens on responsible driving habits and set up a rewards system when your kids are following safe driving rules.

AT&T DriveMode

This app is available for download on the App Store or on Google Play.

DriveMode is a popular app that blocks text messages and calls automatically when a driver exceeds 15 MPH. It also can easily set auto-replies to incoming texts and can be disabled, if you’re the passenger and not the driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9 people are killed every day because of distracted driving. These apps can help curb distracted driving and keep you safe behind the wheel.

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