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How Long Can My Kids Stay on My Auto Insurance?


Once children leave the nest, it is a common occurrence that they end up staying on their parent’s insurance policies. While health insurance guidelines have changed in recent years, auto insurance can be tricky and it is important to understand these potential coverage gaps for older children.  These coverages can change based on where they are living and what they are doing.

Living at Home

If your children live at home with you, there is no age guideline to remove them off of your auto insurance policy. They are considered a household family member and should be listed as a driver on any auto policy in which they could drive any cars on.

College Students

College students are a separate group with special coverage concerns. Insurance companies tend to agree that kids in college can remain on your auto insurance policy as long as they are a dependent relative. However, some companies may have specific restrictions for graduate school and children over a certain age, but most agree that your auto insurance will cover your college-aged kids that are listed as drivers on your insurance policy.

Moving Out

If your son or daughter has moved out and are living on their own, they should have their own auto insurance policy. Since they are no longer living in your home, they are no longer considered a household family member and they could be paying out of pocket if they are involved in an accident. Even if they live in a walkable city and don’t drive a car, they should consider a named non-owned auto policy which can protect them if they drive another person’s car, or even if they are hit by a car as a pedestrian.

If you have specific questions on whether your son or daughter should still be listed on your policy, please contact Evarts Tremaine for details.


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