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OEM Parts: The Importance and What You Should Know

By January 31, 2018November 7th, 2023Premier Insurance

These tips will help you better understand OEM parts.

What are OEM parts? OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. They match the original parts on your car when you purchased it. If you own a luxury vehicle, it is especially important to consider that your insurer provides the coverage of OEM parts when you are involved in a collision.

Benefits of OEM Parts

1. Safety

Our top priority is to ensure that your family is safe and properly covered in the event of an accident. When your vehicle is involved in an accident and in the shop, aftermarket body panels and parts may not fit as precisely to your car as the manufacturer’s parts do. This also means that crash safety and crumple zones could potentially be compromised. Most after market parts are also not crashed tested, which can compromise your car in a future collision.

2. Contractual requirements

Your lease agreement may require that all repairs be completed with OEM parts. Additionally, aftermarket parts can decrease the overall value of your car, which is an important consideration to remember.

3. Warranties

Typically, auto manufacturers will support their OEM parts with a warranty, at least for one year. Many aftermarkets parts are less expensive and do not come with a warranty.

Our premier insurers provide coverage for OEM parts when you are involved in an accident. Request a complimentary insurance review today to ensure that your vehicles and family are properly protected.

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