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Protect Your Vacation Home from Hurricane Damage

By June 21, 2019November 7th, 2023Premier Insurance, Risk Management Services

An Overview of Hurricane Insurance Coverage

In recent years, hurricanes such as Irma, Michael, and Florence have caused catastrophic wind and storm surge damage on the coast.  How do you protect your vacation home? If you are insured with a qualifying premier insurer, you may be eligible for a hurricane assistance program, which can save you time and money.

What is a Hurricane Assistance Program?

Hurricane assistance programs vary by carrier, but typically they help protect your vacation, seasonal, or secondary home from damage, and also quickly assess any damages after a storm. These programs will track the upcoming storm and deploy representatives to conduct assessments as soon as it is safe. They will also provide condition assessments which can help fast track the claims process.

Before a hurricane or named storm occurs, they can also help with:

  • Hurricane shutter and glass evaluations and recommendations
  • Referrals to professional and qualified hurricane-proofing service providers
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Proactive emergency planning for collections and fine arts
  • Developing effective evacuation plans
How do I enroll?

In many coastal areas like Florida, premier insurers offer clients the option to enroll in complimentary hurricane assistance programs, at no extra cost. Typically, the only qualifications are that you are insured with a qualifying premier insurer and that your home is a secondary, seasonal, or vacation residence. Contact a trusted insurance advisor to see if this coverage is available in your area and if you have coverage with an eligible insurer to qualify.

An insurance advisor at Sterling Coverage can help review your insurance coverage and determine your eligibility for hurricane assistance programs. This helps ensure that your home is better protected before a hurricane occurs.

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