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The Mechanics of Recruitment: Fueling the Auto Repair Industry with Qualified Talent

Recruitment in Auto Repair Industry

In the automotive aftermarket industry, having a qualified team of technicians is not only key for business performance – but it also plays a critical role in risk management and insurance.

Having competent technicians reduces the risks of costly mistakes, accidents, and non-compliance with safety standards, which can impact your insurance premiums and liability.

Strategic recruitment becomes more than just filling vacant roles – it’s an investment in the safety, efficiency and sustainability of your business.

So, before you pay for that next job ad – take a moment to review and consider implementing a few of these practical recruitment strategies:

1. Partner with Technical & Vocational Schools

Reach out to your local technical and vocational schools that offer programs in automotive repair. These schools often have job placement services and can connect you with recent (and trained) grads.

2. Leverage Online Recruitment Platforms

Create a strong job ad and post it across popular job sites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Monster, in addition to industry-specific job boards such as Automotive News Jobs Board, where you can reach a more targeted audience.

3. Launch an Employee Referral Program

Encourage existing employees to refer friends, family, or people from their network. Consider providing a referral bonus to incentivize them for referring qualified candidates.

4. Post and Share on Social Media

Use your company social media pages to promote your job opening, and reshare the posts on your personal profiles, too. Sharing and engaging with your company posts helps increase your post’s exposure.

5. Participate in Local Community Events

From getting involved in your local chamber, to volunteering for community events – your participation raises your shop’s profile in the community and creates more conversation in the neighborhood about your shop, and the job opportunities it offers.

6. Implement an Internship or Apprenticeship Program

Create or participate in internship or apprenticeship programs. These are effective ways to train new hires according to your specific requirements, and possibly hire them if they feel like a fit.

By broadening your recruiting efforts, you can tap into a diverse pool of potential candidates and increase your chances of finding the right fit for your shop.

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