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Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance for Hurricane Protection

By August 22, 2018November 7th, 2023Premier Insurance

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

If you live on the coast or have a vacation home near the ocean, you understand the impact that a hurricane can have on your home and property. It is important to know the steps you can take to prepare for a hurricane.

1. Develop a hurricane plan.

Choose a common meeting place or single point-of-contact for family members and draft a pet plan to keep your furry friends safe when an evacuation is needed.

2. Monitor NOAA Weather Radio and prepare yourself with a battery back-up for your smart phone.

Smart phones can be a valuable tool during emergency situations. Purchase a battery back-up for your phone and ensure that your phone is fully charged to access useful news and weather apps.

3. Keep important documents safe and secure.

Store important financial documents, legal papers, marriage licenses, financial papers, and insurance policy details in a safety deposit box or bolted safe in your home.

4. Check your windows, doors, skylights, and storm shutters for protection and functionality. Schedule a roof assessment.

If shutters require manual installation, ensure that your contractor will be available to put them up at short notice. Roof specialists can assess your roof for any potential damage to be prepared before a hurricane arrives.

5. Purchase a generator.

Purchase a gas-powered generator or invest in a permanently-installed generator to avoid power outages.

6. Secure your wall hangings and art collections.

Secure all interior wall hangings and remove all exterior wall art. Place these in an interior room at least 3 inches off the floor. Make sure you have a list of all works in your collection.

7. Review your flood, wind, and named storm insurance coverage.

Many insurance carriers will place a stop on issuing or changing coverage when a hurricane warning is issued. Discuss your flood coverage, special deductibles, and wind protection with your insurance advisor before a storm occurs.

You can also find more information from the Department of Homeland Security on what to do when a hurricane is imminent in your area.

An insurance advisor at Sterling Coverage can help review your insurance coverage and draft a hurricane plan to ensure that your home, property, and family are better protected before, during, and after hurricane season.

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